Factory general called a circumference

Factory general called a circumference, in addition to no thread fastener, interface for a type hot pressing technology, steel ring is smooth transition, it won’t happen rims exposed afflictive embarrassment, stealth rims to comfortable at the same time and do not break like no rims on role, wearing tight model body underwear, reduce muscle contraction force Model body underwear just […]

Underwear combination is also different

Underwear combination is also different, such as the north breast is plump, larger size should be selected, while the southern women petite, small yards will be popular, color should be deep in winter, summer color should be shallow, New Year’s day is a holiday when red must be a popular color. Products hanging version is another art, popular style and […]

outside wear beige long straight

outside wear yellow or red. Red inside, outside wear beige long straight hair how to match clothes long hair is the most simple style, women can give a person a kind of pure and fresh and feeling, in the face of this kind of girl, we tend to feel they are very cute. Long straight hair girl when choosing clothes […]

collocation is very beautiful together

beautiful color, collocation is very beautiful together. Red shoes collocation methods: dew , cooperate with the chiffon fabric and white color, let the body is very light, even if the lower half of collocation is tight jeans, also no sense the heat of summer, trousers instead of hole effect and the basic principles of cultivate one’s morality dress collocation In […]

Similar colour collocation principles Refers

Similar colour collocation principles Refers to the different depth, light and shade of two kinds of the same kind of color matching, such as: blue sky blue, dark green with light green, coffee with cream-colored, such as scarlet with pale red, similar color matching clothing appear downy elegant. Pink department collocation, make whole person looks soft many ~ 2, approximate […]

Point to make a complete set of clothing

Point to make a complete set of clothing, and the overall performance of clothing also can appear very heavy, dark colorless. The collocation of black and yellow are the most bright eye The collocation of red and black, very grand, but do not lose lasting appeal of oh ~ 2, complementary cooperation: refers to the color of the two relative […]

Contrast color collocation is divided into

Contrast color collocation is divided into 1, intense color match: the color that is two apart from more distant match, such as: yellow and violet, red and green green, this kind of match color is stronger. In everyday life, we often see black, white, grey and other colors. Black, white and grey are colorless, so no matter what color they […]

Clothing beauty is not beautiful

Clothing beauty is not beautiful, is not in the price, is the key to deserve to act the role of decent, suitable for age, identity, season and environment of customs, more is mainly body color consistency, obtain harmonious whole effect. “Color is not much, harmony is beauty”, the correct color matching method, should be to choose the color of one […]

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